The Much Honoured Barry John Eden Weir of Dunderave



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Father To Three Daughters

Husband To Roma

Business Entrepreneur

Published Author

Owned and Developed A Grade I Listed Castle

World Rally Champion Driver

Designed and Built His Own Aston Martin

Developed Boatyard and Marina at Sandbanks

Risked life to save drowning man at Poole beach, but Barry doesn’t swim

Founder and Chairman of Alliance Party Guernsey

Head of Aston Martin World Rally Team







Born at An Early Age!

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a varied and fulfilling career in business while pursuing a number of personal adventures along the way. I am now retired but still constantly find new and exciting projects as I get easily bored.

Having moved to the UK at the age of eight from Ghana, where my father was Chief Superintendent of the Colonial Police Force in the country’s pre-independence era, I left school before the age of 16 with no qualifications.

I am married to Roma, who is my rock, and we have three beautiful daughters.

During my business career I have owned and developed a marina at Sandbanks, developed an award-winning riverside restaurant, renovated a Grade I listed castle in Scotland, had offices in Berkeley Square and Covent Garden and successfully built up and sold a property and mobile homes business.

On my retirement in 2007, I still played a prominent role in the mobile home industry, becoming heavily involved in the Mobile Homes Act of 2013, and offered advice and consultation on the legislation to park home owners.

In the late 1980s I was proposed  by the Marquis of Bute to add the designation Dunderave  to my title so that I became The Much Honoured Barry John Eden Weir of Dunderave.

Apart from business, my other great passion is motoring, and in 2000 I drove into the record books at the wheel of my wife’s 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4, becoming the first person to drive an historic sports car around the world in 80 days, crossing four continents and driving through 22 countries. I achieved this while having the great honour of being the Head of the Aston Martin Rallying Team.

My relationship with the Aston Martin brand was further cemented when I designed a unique Aston Martin which became the Jet 2+2, the only one of its kind in the world which was unveiled to global acclaim at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The Jet 2+2 was so special that Aston Martin wanted to put the car into production.

A Real Honour

Barry Weir was given the official title of Dunderave by Her Majesty The Queen after helping to restore and save Dunderave Castle, in Scotland.

The Marquis of Bute proposed Barry to carry the name of the Grade I listed castle in his title.

It means his official title is The Much Honoured Barry John Eden Weir of Dunderave.

Business History

Building Businesses From Nothing

Barry’s natural business brain, determination and sheer hard work meant he was destined for success.

Over the years his business achievements have included developing a boatyard and marina at Sandbanks; buying and restoring a Grade I castle; creating a park homes empire; developing an award winning riverside restaurant and creating a 5 star boutique hotel. 


King of The Castle

Castle Custodian

Barry Weir and his wife, Roma, bought and restored the picturesque Dunderave Castle which sits on the shore of Loch Fyne in Scotland. They turned the Grade I listed castle into a boutique, high end hotel


Barry Weir I Aston Martin Jet 2 x 2

Aston Martin Jet 2 + 2

Barry Weir I Aston Martin Jet 2 x 2

Aston Martin Jet 2+2 Sold

Barry Weir designed the unique Aston Martin-approved Jet 2+2 car which he designed himself.

The stunning car has now been sold for a reported $3 million.


Designed by Barry Weir – Aston Martin enthusiast.

#refined #elegance #functionality

Rags To Riches

Barry Weir created his business empire from nothing, through dogged determination and hard work.

Accommodation became a corner stone of his success- whether buying and revamping park home sites or running a castle as a private hotel.

His first taste of building up his business was a Bed and Breakfast operation in Littlehampton. He would run the B&B with his wife, Roma, while also working eight hours a day, six days a week for the Gas Board.

The hard work paid dividends when Barry was able to sell the B&B and use the money to buy his first park home site.

Eventually, he went on to own eight park sites before fulfilling a life-long ambition to own a castle. After purchasing a 16th century castle on a promontory of Loch Fyne, Barry set about a large renovation project to restore the building to its former glory. Once completed Barry realised that he had more room than he could possibly need and his business life turned full circle as he opened the castle as a private hotel.

The prestigious hotel played host to a number of well-known faces including actors Michael Caine and Roger Moore, as well as director Michael Winner, who stayed there while shooting the film Bullseye.

It was another exciting chapter in the flamboyant life of Barry Weir.

World Rally Champion

Barry Weir entered the record books when, as Head of the Aston Martin World Rally Team, he became the first man to drive a historic car around the world in 80 days.

During the rally he drove his wife’s 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 through 22 countries, across the four continents of Europe, Asia, North America and Africa.


Barry Weir – A Published Author

Barry Weir I Aston Martin Jet 2 x 2

A Published Author

From leaving school at 15 years of age, Barry has had two books published which he has written and helped design.

The first book, called Driving Ambition, charts his record breaking world rally success while the second book is a luxurious coffee table book which reveals the genesis and creation of the Aston Martin Jet 2+2.


Founder Of Guernsey’s First Political Party

Alliance Party Guernsey

Barry Weir set up Guernsey’s first ever political party in February 2020.

The Alliance Party Guernsey was designed to shake-up politics on the Island.


Barry Weir I Aston Martin Jet 2 x 2

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