Aston Martin Jet 2+2 For Sale

Barry Weir has discovered the original moulds for the car he designed along with Bertone and is bringing them home.

An Original Is For Sale

It was the last car made by Bertone before the legendary Italian coachbuilder sank into bankruptcy.

For years Barry Weir believed the moulds and models used to build his unique Aston Martin Jet 2+2 had disappeared..

But what almost no-one realised was that the Bertone Stile HQ in Turin still housed a treasure trove of archive material – including those fibreglass moulds and a full-size clay model of the car that he helped to design.

Now Barry Weir  has been reunited with all the pieces of the car’s history he thought had long since been destroyed.

He is now shipping the moulds and model back to England where he is going to sell the unique car.

Barry said: ‘It is the last car that Bertone produced so it really is an absolute one-off. This is an important piece of car history.

‘We’re selling the car, the model and the mould. The person who buys the Jet 2 + 2 can ensure that no-one else can ever have the same car as them. Alternatively, they would have the ability to send it into production. Either way, it’s an incredibly exciting opportunity for a car enthusiast.


Aston Martin bertone Jet 2+2 model

The Turin Discovery

Early in 2018, Barry heard that the original model and moulds for his unique Aston Martin had been stored in a warehouse in Italy

With designer Bertone having gone bust Barry had thought the pieces has been lost forever.

But to Barry’s delight he was able to track them down to a warehouse in Turin and he decided to buy them all so he could sell them along with the Jet 2+2 as a unique package.

A Piece Of History

The original mould of the Aston Martin Jet 2 + 2 is being brought home.

It is the last mould made by legendary Italian designer Bertone that was transformed into a car.

It means someone now has the opportunity to buy a piece of automobile history.

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