Happy Residents

Survey reveals overwhelming support for park homes.

The results are in!

A survey of park homes owned by Silver Lake Property Investments (SLPI) has given overwhelming support for the way in which the sites are run.

Athough Barry Weir, as the director of SLPI no longer runs the parks, he was delighted with the result of the survey which included more than 300 residents.

In July 2017, residents of the Marigolds, Aldingbourne, Beechfield, Silver Lakes and Orchard Parks, were given the opportunity to take part in an independent survey conducted on behalf of the leasehold owners of the Parks. For clarification, SLPI is freehold owner of the Parks.

The results of the survey found 76 per cent of residents were satisfied with living on the parks and a huge 98 per cent said they felt safe.

Another 72 percent of resident respondents said the Parks offered value for money with 90 per cent said the parks were attractive places to live.

Barry said: ‘Although retired from running the parks in 2007, I always keep a keen interest on the welfare of residents.

‘This independent survey has shown that park home life can be a joyful experience for people living on the sites.

‘I was particularly pleased that 98 per cent of residents said that they felt safe as this is so important for people to feel secure in their homes.

‘I’m also delighted that people living on the site recognise that they are an attractive place to live.’