Alliance Party Guernsey

Barry Weir founded and is leader of Guernsey’s first ever political party.

Alliance Party Guernsey

In 2019 Barry Weir was invited on to BBC Radio Guernsey to talk about his car rallying achievements and his various business successes.

The interview went so well that he was invited back again to give his thoughts on the Island and what changes he would like to see.

Barry’s appearances on the radio created a lot of debate and before he knew it people were encouraging him to stand in the upcoming elections which were due to be held in June 2020.

After much consideration, Barry decided that he would stand for election in the hope that he would be able to bring some of his business acumen to the States combined with a general ‘common sense; approach.

It was the first Island-wide election and it struck Barry that if he really wanted to make a difference that he needed to band together like-minded people with defined policies that would create  positive change for Guernsey.

In February 2020, Barry registered the Alliance Party Guernsey- the first ever political party to be formed on the Island.

Barry understood that by having a party with clear policies that for the first time the electorate would be able to vote for candidates that could be properly held to account for their actions.

He believed a party would put an end to any self-interest, increase transparency and crucially would have enough voting power to drive through policies that would create real change.

With Barry as chairman, the Alliance Party Guernsey quickly attracted great interest and people lined up to sign up as candidates. There looked to be a very real possibility that it may be able to get a majority in the elections.

But in March, 2020, Covid-19 arrived on the Island and the decision was taken to cancel the June elections.

However, the Alliance Party Guernsey is raring to go when the next election dates are finally announced and Mr Weir is confident the party will come back even stronger and attract even more candidates as it strives to create ‘A Better Guernsey For All’.

Barry resigned as chairman of Alliance Party Guernsey Ltd but remains as the leader for the elections.

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ITV News Interview

Barry Weir, Chairman of the Alliance Party Guernsey, was interviewed about the cancelled June 2020 Elections.

Mr Weir explained how he believed there was a real possibility that the party could have won a majority.

Official Logo

The logo for the Alliance Party Guernsey was designed to incorporate features from the Island’s flag.

It will forever be the first ever logo of a political party on the Island and so becomes a part of Island history.


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