How Barry Weir Got His Inherited Title

How Barry became Barry John Eden Weir of Dunderave.

A Great Honour.

Barry Weir never imagined that when he bought Dunderave Castle he would have the honour of adopting its name into his title.

After buying the castle in 1988 and renovating the building the Marquis of Bute successfully recommended him to have Dunderave included in his title as recognition of his good work. The Marquis had proposed him to Lord Lyon who then granted the designation on behalf of the Queen.

As a result Barry Now holds the official title, Barry John Eden Weir of Dunderave.

The title is registered in The College of Arms, in London, under the Scottish section along with coat of arms which he has adopted from his ancestors.


The coat of arms has been in the Weir family for many generations.

Each new holder has the right to slightly adapt the arms to reflect their life.

The moto which has remained unchanged for many generations is ‘Loyalty and Courage’.

Barry is honoured that he was able to add Dunderave to the title.

The castle holds great memories for the family so they are delighted to be able to add that to their history.



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