Taking Jet 2+2 On Holiday

Barry Weir and his wife, Roma, have taken the Aston Martin to Croatia.

Island hopping with an Aston Martin!

Barry Weir and his wife Roma have been holidaying in Croatia with their child… the Aston Martin Jet 2+2.
Like any proud parent Barry has been happy to show off his beautiful baby who has been turning heads.
The unique car which Barry designed and had built by Bertoni has even had to make its way across the sea in a small ferry.
One hotel owner even asked for the beautiful car to be pictured outside his premises as he said it was great for business.


Going abroad

The one problem most Aston Martin owners have when going away is boot space.

But Barry Weir and his wife haven’t found it a problem with their Jet 2+2 as he designed it to have plenty of room in the back.

They are now reaping the rewards with their trip to Croatia.