Alliance Party Guernsey

Barry Weir founded Guernsey’s first ever political party.

A Political Revolution

After a successful interview on Radio Guernsey about his life and his thoughts on the Island, Barry Weir started to be asked by people if he would stand in the upcoming General Election.

The first island-wide election was due to be held in June, 2020.

Barry felt that the politics of the Guernsey needed a shake-up with some new blood and new faces to help the Island move forward to help tackle new challenges.

After thinking hard about how best to move forward he decided that the time had come for Guernsey to have it’s first political party.

The days of secret pacts of individual politicians needed to be brought to an end.

A new party would have a manifesto that that would hold the politicians accountable and mean voters knew what they were voting for.

There would be strength in numbers and a new way forward.

In February 2020, Barry registered the Alliance Party Guernsey- the first ever political party to be formed on the Island.

He believed a party have enough voting power to drive through policies that would create real change.

With Barry as chairman, the Alliance Party Guernsey quickly attracted great interest and people lined up to sign up as candidates. There looked to be a very real possibility that it may be able to get a majority in the elections.

Covid-19 put meant the elections were postponed until October 2020 and the Alliance Party Guernsey was able to put up 12 candidates.

It seems that party politics came too soon for many of the Islanders and none of the candidates were elected on the night.

However, many of the policies suggested by the party have since been adopted and the it seems that the move towards party politics is looking increasingly likely.

Barry Weir said: ‘I’m so proud of setting up Guernsey’s first political party and I remain convinced that this is the way forward for the Island.

‘Political parties bring transparency and certainty for voters. In the future, I think it’ll be crucial in terms of being able to push through decisive votes.

‘The education reforms on the Island were a good example of how the voters suffered while the politicians played politics.

‘My aim was to shake up the political system and I’m confident we achieved that.’


Alliance Party Guernsey chairman Barry Weir speaks to ITN News about the upcoming elections.

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