Barry and Roma celebrate 50 years together!

Barry and Roma Weir celebrate 50 years of marriage.


Barry and Roma had a quiet celebration on their Golden Wedding Anniversary day as lockdown restrictions were still in full flow.

The couple have been married for 50 years during which time they have shared lots of business and family adventures.

From running a small Bed and Breakfast, to renovating a castle and building up a Park Home empire, the pair have been at each other’s side throughout.

Mr and Mrs Weir were able to enjoy an afternoon tea a few days after the big day but Covid-19 meant they couldn’t hold a family party.

They have three daughters and are looking forward to visiting their grandchildren again when restrictions ease.

Barry said: ‘I’m so lucky to have Roma and we’ve been a great team throughout our fifty years of marriage.’


Early in 2018, Barry heard that the original model and moulds for his unique Aston Martin had been stored in a warehouse in Italy With designer Bertone having gone bust Barry had thought the pieces has been lost forever. But to Barry’s delight he was able to track them down to a warehouse in Turin and he decided to buy them all so he could sell them along with the Aston Martin Jet 2+2 as a unique package.

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