Jet 2+2 Has A Photoshoot

The unique Aston Martin is photographed alongside the original clay model used to build it.

In The Limelight

The Aston Martin Jet 2+2 has undergone it’s latest photoshoot alongside the original clay model used to build it.

Barry Weir was delighted to reunite the car with the scale model which he shipped back from Italy.

Now Barry has the clay model and moulds used to build the car he could, if he chose, put it into production.

But for the time being Barry is happy to have a one-off.

With the Jet being the last car to be built by legendary Italian firm Bertone, Barry has a unique piece of automobile history.




Early in 2018, Barry heard that the original model and moulds for his unique Aston Martin had been stored in a warehouse in Italy With designer Bertone having gone bust Barry had thought the pieces has been lost forever. But to Barry’s delight he was able to track them down to a warehouse in Turin and he decided to buy them all so he could sell them along with the Aston Martin Jet 2+2 as a unique package.

A Piece Of History

The Aston Martin Jet 2 + 2 car sits beside it’s scale clay model. It is the last model made by legendary Italian designer Bertone that was transformed into a car.

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