Radio Guernsey Interview

Barry Weir talked about his life, business and living on Guernsey.

BBC Radio Guernsey

When Barry Weir appeared on BBC Radio Guernsey to talk about his life and recent retirement from rallying historic cars it went so well they asked him to come back again.

Presenter Jenny Kendall-Tobias spoke to Barry and got his opinion on a wide range of subjects from “how to get rich” to charitable donations.

The pair spoke to each other for around 20 minutes with Jenny interested to find out more about his life.

Barry spoke about his love of Guernsey and the interesting journey that had seen him deciding to settle on the island.

But with so much to chat about the pair ran out of time and now Barry is being invited to appear on BBC Radio Guernsey again.

There is a full audio recording of the interview available to listen to here:

Barry is interviewed from 6.minutes 30 seconds.




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