Successful Deal To Sell Park Homes.

Forty years after buying his first park home, Barry Weir has sold his freehold interest in all of his sites.

Goodbye And Thank You!

Barry Weir has successfully clinched a deal to sell his freehold ownership of all of his park home sites.

The sites have been sold to Wyldecrest Parks after Barry sold his interest in Silver Lakes Property Investments which owns Marigolds, Aldingbourne, Beechfield, Silver Lakes and Orchard Parks in West Sussex.

Barry bought his first park in 1978 and said the time was now right to look for new ventures.

He said: ‘I am delighted with the deal. I has always set myself a limit of 40 years to be involved in the park homes and so the time was right to sell.

‘I have been asked to be involved in a number of new ventures for several years and I am now looking forward to pursuing them.

‘Over the years whilst being involved in park homes I have made many great friends and although I retired from running any sites in 2007 I still enjoy catching up with residents who I have personally got to know. I would like to thank everyone for the warmth they have shown me.

‘Since buying my first site I have seen a wide number of changes for those living in the park homes with one of the most noticeable being the advances in living standards for residents.

‘Residents living in park homes are now able to enjoy a good quality of life. One thing that has struck me over the years is the great neighbourhood spirit that has always existed on the sites and this is often difficult for those who have never experienced it to truly understand.

‘I would like to wish everyone in the parks all the best for the future.’

Barry has always been a keen advocate to help residents and  was heavily involved in helping to develop the Mobile Homes Act of 2013 to offer greater protections for those who live on the parks.

Signing The Deal

Barry Weir officially signs the deal he clinched to sell the freehold of his park homes.



Time To Celebrate

Barry Weir, and his wife Roma, are pictured raising a glass of bubbly to celebrate the sale of the business.

But don’t expect the couple to simply retire quietly!

There are new business opportunities on offer and the couple will continue to indulge their passion for classic cars.


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