Thanks Barry.

Barry Weir was moved and delighted to receive a letter of thanks from a resident of one of the park homes he sold.

Lots of Message Of Thanks

Many grateful residents of the parks wrote to Barry Weir to thank him for their time on the sites.

Barry has sold all of his sites but had written a letter to residents to wish them well for the future.

The resident of The Marigolds park home expressed how kind Barry had been to her.

“So, so sorry to see Barry go. He was very kind to me let me come to Marigolds under 50 years of age and i shall always be grateful to him for that. Please do thank Barry for his lovely letter and say I’m sorry to see him go but also wish him well in the future  xx”

Barry has always been a keen advocate of helping residents and was a consulted on the Mobile Home Act of 2013.

In his own letter he wrote to thank people for the kindness they had shown him and how he still had many people on the sites that he regarded as friends.

Barry said: ‘It was lovely to receive these messages from the residents. I’m just delighted that I could help them. It’s lovely that they’re happy and its always nice to be appreciated.’


Letter To Residents

Barry wrote to residents wishing them well after the sale of the company.

Having bought his first park home in 1978, Barry reflected on some of the changes he had seen:

‘Since buying my first site I have seen a wide number of changes for those living in the park homes with one of the most noticeable being the advances in living standards for residents.

‘Residents living in park homes are now able to enjoy a good quality of life. One thing that has struck me over the years is the great neighbourhood spirit that has always existed on the sites and this is often difficult for those who have never experienced it to truly understand.’

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